Best Western Abbots Barton Hotel Canterbury Exterior

Abbots Barton Hotel: Expanding Our Family of Excellence

Striking a fine balance between tradition and innovation is key for successful hotel management contracts with family-owned properties. In fact, it’s non-negotiable, when owners are emotionally invested, and staff and family are often one and the same thing. So, the Vine Hotels Team couldn’t be more thrilled to extend their expertise to another hotel owned by the same family – the Abbots Barton Hotel in Canterbury.

 “We’re delighted to take over the management of Abbots Barton Hotel,” Vine Hotels CEO Garin Davies said. “Particularly pleasing is the fact that this marks a successful development in our relationship with hotel owners, the Sangiuseppe family, for whom we already manage a hotel.”

With a highly successful management contract at the York House Hotel in Eastbourne ongoing, the opportunity to partner once again with the same family underlines Vine Hotels’ unique approach, which is based on:

  • Empathic integration into the family setup
  • Bringing keen commercial astuteness and corporate know-how to enhance a hotel’s performance to full potential

What’s more, this overarching strategy encompasses many factors that make the management contract model a perfect fit for family-owned or owner-managed hotels. They include:

  • Understanding the Emotional Connection – The numbers matter but aren’t the be all and end all. A market-leading hotel management partner is also mindful of preserving the time, passion and experience that owners have poured into their hotels, while merging state-of-the-art expertise to set new standards.
  • Two-Way Street – Take the York House Hotel management contract as a case in point. Vine Hotels fostered a solid partnership with the family and demonstrated a deep understanding of their vision and values. As a result, commitment to the family has evolved beyond contracts to a culture free of ‘them and us’, where everybody works together towards shared goals.
  • Pain-Free Transition – The transitional phasecan be understandably challenging for owners, who are faced with letting go of the reins and inviting another entity to manage their ‘family silver.’ This is where Vine Hotels shines, with a process that relies on respect for the existing staff and upholds the core values that make a hotel special.
  • Contemporary Edge – A powerful blend of contemporary innovation and corporate savvy is crucial to staying competitive, meeting growing demands, and weathering market conditions in today’s ever-evolving hotel-scape. For these purposes, a leading-edge hotel management company like Vine Hotels brings formidable experience, fresh perspectives, advanced technologies, and an extensive network to boost operations.

Daniel Sangiuseppe concluded: “Vine Hotels has demonstrated that they have not only the skill and expertise to successfully manage our hotels, but the passion for hospitality and knowledge of the sector that sets them apart.” 


At Vine Hotels, our hotel management contract model thrives in the intersection where tradition meets innovation, where family and our professional management team coexist happily and productively, and where excellence is our only standard.

Think a hotel management contract without selling out on your aspirations and objectives is impossible? Get in touch with Vine Hotels to find out how we focus on working with you not against you.