Why Specialist Hotel Management Services are So Important in Times of Upheaval

Right now, the media continues to be dominated by stories about the Brexit aftermath, soaring energy prices, government instability, inflation, impending recession, ongoing war in Ukraine, growing supply chain issues. And combined, these factors are cooking up a perfect storm in the hotel industry.

Against a continuously turbulent backdrop, it’s unsurprising if you’re finding it difficult to weather the storm alone.

You need additional help. But what are the options if you’re for already cash-strapped and under-resourced?

A leading-edge specialist management services provider can be invaluable for providing laser targeted solutions to your specific pain points. And in some cases, such as Vine Hotels, you don’t have to hand over the keys or sign up to a full management contract, (although there are many and varied reasons for going down both of these routes).

Vine Hotels offers a portfolio of specialist hotel management services, including HR, Purchasing and Sales & Marketing. Group Sales & Marketing Director Liz Wood explains why turning to outsourced services that specifically address your issues is a compelling way to manage costs and drive profits.

Liz Wood Sales and Marketing Meeting Vine Hotels
  • Bespoke Support Packages

Every hotel has different strengths, weaknesses and needs. To this end, it can be game-changing and also cost-effective to cherry pick the services you need and leave on the table what you don’t need.

But however much or little outsourced help you need, it’s important to understand the credentials you’re buying in to.

Vine Hotels owns, operates and provides bespoke hotel management services to a diverse range of UK-based properties. Additionally, its management team have all enjoyed successful careers with many of the biggest and best-loved industry brands before joining Vine Hotels, bringing a unique insight into maximising important brand relationships.

CEO Garin Davies for example has a wealth of experience across all aspects of the hospitality industry. He served as Board Member of Best Western UK and was previously a Divisional Director of BDL Management.  Garin became a hotel owner in 2009, proactively increasing the portfolio ever since. And his expertise is the tip of the iceberg.

“This combined pool of experience and expertise, which is over a century of combined knowledge, is value rich to hotel owners and custodians”, Liz explains. “It enables us to gain a deep understanding of your needs, identify potential growth areas, and develop tailored initiatives to maximise your hotel during a tough trading period”.

  • Strength in Numbers

Take recent acquisition York House Hotel, a 76-bedroom tourism-led Victorian beachfront property in Eastbourne. A family owned and operated hotel, it was important to the incumbents that joining the Vine Hotels portfolio included the retention of their existing workforce.

But the prospect of having expert sales and marketing resources at their disposal was compelling. It opened up previously untapped opportunities to expand in to new markets and revenue-driving partnerships they’d previously lacked the in-house skills and resources to exploit.

“We’re really looking forward to supporting the existing hotel management team in developing a robust sales and marketing strategy, using our extensive expertise to capitalise on every suitable opportunity”, Liz continued.

“What’s more, we’re excited to have recently announced the appointment of Lauren McSorley from Mercure Hotels to Groups & Tours Sales Manager. It’s a rapidly growing sector for many of the hotel group’s properties. And it perfectly fits the specific needs of York House Hotel”.

  • Conclusion

At Vine Hotels, we run a significant UK wide portfolio. In addition, we also provide a dynamic range of services that hoteliers can buy in to wholesale, or on a focussed basis, including –

  • Acquisitions
  • Business health checks
  • Hospitality consultancy
  • Turnaround solutions
  • Management contracts

Liz Wood has 30 years of experience in developing bespoke strategies that deliver maximum return, including senior level sales and marketing positions at hotel brands such as IHG and Mercure, and an enviable track record of sales and marketing development for independent and distressed hotels.

Get in touch with her to see how we can drill down into your specific issues and apply expedited expert solutions.