Martin Henley Group Executive Chef Vine Hotels

From Back of House to Head Office: Spotlight on Group Executive Chef Martin Henley

Vine Hotels takes great pride in its market-leading hotel management expertise. This is largely due to the specialised skills of the Executive Team across all the key areas of hotel management you’d expect, including Revenue, Sales, HR, Marketing, and Procurement. Yet potential hotel and venue partners sometimes overlook one of the most fundamental components, perhaps because it’s so obvious. Food and beverage!

As you’re already aware, F&B is central to any holistic hospitality strategy. In this article, Vine Hotels’ Group Executive Chef Martin Henley demonstrates the creative and commercial acumen it takes to succeed in the brasserie and the boardroom.

Drive Efficient and Profitable Kitchen Operations

With a distinguished career spanning three decades across a variety of venues, including 5-star properties, rosetted restaurants, as well as high-volume banqueting, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all Vine Hotels properties.

His role is pivotal in maintaining the exceptional standards the group is known for, including:

  • Compliance – Managing regulatory compliance in terms of food safety, health and safety, allergens, and COSHH documentation.
  • Cost management – Overseeing spending, particularly wages, stock control, food GP, and other controllable expenditures, all while adhering to the individual budgets of each property.
  • Team leadership – Ensuring all kitchen staff across each property are engaged and committed to delivering the highest product and service standards.

“I’m a firm believer in the importance of effective communication and teamwork”, Martin said. “It’s essential for promoting a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and inspired to contribute to the success of the business”.

Additionally (and unsurprisingly), his responsibilities also extend to culinary quality.

Create Innovation in Culinary Excellence

One of the most exciting aspects of Martin’s role is his involvement in designing seasonal menus to keep visitors coming back for more. In order to achieve this, it’s requisite to stay abreast of current food trends, while working closely with the Head Chefs at each property to create innovative dishes that:

  1. Take into account consumer behaviours and preferences in the local market
  2. Reflect local flavours and produce

Quality control is another area where he excels. From sourcing the best ingredients, to cost controls, maintaining hygiene standards, and ensuring well-maintained kitchen equipment. Every element plays a part in exceeding high guest expectations and delivering a profitable food operation.

But it wouldn’t be possible without the people on the frontline every day.

Develop an Engaged Team with Shared Goals

Team development is at the heart of Martin’s approach. For this purpose, he sets goals and tracks results to help each team member can reach their full potential, by leveraging:

  • Regular team meetings
  • Performance reviews
  • Personal development paths

Furthermore, he keeps a firm eye on the future besides the present. This includes working with HR to attract and retain the best talent, while always seeking new ways to generate revenue, manage costs, serve great food, and ensure operations are impeccable.

“Food matters – a lot! So, we work tirelessly to create outstanding dining experiences for our guests, that also delivers profit for the Hotel. I’m proud to lead such talented and dedicated teams”, he concluded. “Together, we’re constantly going the extra mile to drive the overall success of every partner property through the medium of great food and service.”


Choosing Vine Hotels means entrusting your property to a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to excellence in every aspect of hotel management. Group Executive Chef Martin Henley exemplifies the expertise and leadership that set us apart. Get in touch for help with your hospitality needs or other departmental or broader business support.