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9 Out of 10 Hoteliers Have High Staff Turnover Because of Poor Tools and Training. Are You One of Them?

While many external factors continue to impact the hotel industry, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of training your teams and equipping them to use the latest software and technologies. Doing so is an effective way to leverage competitive edge. But it’s not just about outrunning your competitors.

Crucially, it’s as much about optimising the people you have, by giving them your best and getting the best out of them in return. It’s a powerful win:win solution for minimising staff turnover, multiplying engagement levels and supercharging your employer branding.

Take Vine Hotels as an example of getting it right. As a highly respected hotel management, advisory and development company, the senior team recognise the importance of leading the charge in terms of market leading tools and training. We’ve got even more creative in our approach to recognising, rewarding and ultimately retaining our greatest assets, recently introducing an innovative Leadership in Action management programme and a Shadow Board.

What’s more, Vine Hotels are a strong advocate for harnessing the latest technology to manage and maintain hotel operations in all key areas, including:

  • Sales and revenue management
  • HR, e.g. payroll, rotas, holidays, training
  • Financial management, procurement and keen cost controls

For example, a market leading tool has recently been deployed to boost conference and meetings sales across the estate.

Venue Directory’s ‘Instant Book’ is Latest Addition to Hotel Toolkits

In order to equip sales teams for success, Vine Hotels have recently added Venue Directory’s ‘Instant Book’ to our hotel websites. This low effort high impact system facilitates live availability of small meeting rooms for up to 30 people.  As a direct result of implementation, groupwide smaller meeting and training business has risen by 10% in six months and continues to grow.

Graham Bintcliffe of said: We’re delighted to be working in close partnership with Vine Hotels. In today’s ‘always on’ climate, corporate bookers want to ‘click and book’ meeting rooms online, at any time, at the push of a button. To this end, it’s truly gratifying to see how our evolving software solutions are helping Vine Hotels to grow the small meeting business for their hotels.”

As hotels and venues continue to seek new ways of increasing visibility and connecting with target audiences at domestic and international level, Vine Hotels remain committed to providing its people with superior tools and training to reach their potential and exceed customer expectations.


At Vine Hotels, we take pride in low staff turnover as a result of investment in training and the best tools of the trade. It sends out a clear and enticing message to property owners and financiers who are looking for a management company for a hotel or venue.  With systems covering purchasing, HR, operations, sales and revenue management, you can rely on amplified potential cost management and revenue generation. Want to find out how what we can do for you? Simply get in touch and let’s start a conversation. 

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